Thursday, July 28, 2016

Putting Fabric Scraps to Good Use...

Well, it's the middle of summer!  Is anyone sweating like we are over here in the desert?  It's so hot!
Yesterday, it was 114 degrees and we did not leave the house....except to take my son to work.
On those kind of days, when we're stuck inside we like to do some fun projects.  Right now I'm working on refinishing our dining table and chairs.  Whew!  What a project!  I decided to do it inside because it's too darn hot to do it out in the garage AND my kids tend to think they can get away with not doing what they're supposed to do, and I kind of like being around them anyway.  They started to help me sand, but soon decided it was too hard.  Ha ha!  That's kids for you, huh?!  I can't wait until it's all finished and I show and tell what they look like and what I did.  CAN'T WAIT!
For now though I hope you enjoy this little tutorial for making hair clips for summer.  I used to make a lot of hair clippies for my girls.  Now they're older and like to do their own hair.  Sniff, sniff, why do they have to grow up?
Anyway, they were so fun to work on and very easy!  And you can use your fabric scraps!
It's an oldie but goodie!  Hope you enjoy!
Click here for tutorial

What do you do to beat the heat!

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