Friday, May 26, 2017

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil has a lot of uses and benefits.   
The oil comes from the leaves and branches of the Eucalyptus tree.  This native Australia evergreen can grow up to 250 feet tall and its oil has been a staple for many years in traditional medicine.

Let me share the many uses and benefits with you today!  
Have you ever been outside either camping, hiking, or just outside in your own backyard enjoying the cool night air when suddenly you're attacked by mosquito's, gnats, or some other bugs?
Yeah, annoying right?  Well, did you know you can use eucalyptus essential oil to repel those little pests away?  Just put a few drops of eucalyptus in a glass/stainless steel spray bottle filled with water and spray on your skin and enjoy the rest of the night bug free.

Another great use is as a disinfectant, yes it kills germs on surfaces.  Just put 6 drops to 1 cup of water, pour in a glass/stainless steel spray bottle and spray surface and wipe down with a cloth.  Your home will be clean and smell great.

Now let's talk about skin care.  I have three teens in my house and one tween.  They are in the midst of acne right now.  As their mother, I want a natural solution to treat their acne.  Heaven forbid they act any crazier because of some chemical they put on.  Eucalyptus essential oil is that natural solution.  Mix 1-2 drops in unscented moisturizer and apply to the face.  I'm going to have them try this tonight.

Next, is pain control.  After undergoing total knee replacements, patients who inhaled Eucalyptus E.O. reported decreased pain.
Now, let's talk about how you can create a relaxing setting at home because, let's face it every one needs to calm down and relax.

 By placing a few drops of Eucalyptus in a diffuser and letting the soothing fragrance fill the air this can help set a relaxing tone and not only that but Eucalyptus can also help with respiratory health.  It helps by clearing your sinuses when you have a cold, it can help people with asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) breathe easier and improves symptoms for people who suffer from an inflamed nasal cavity (rhinosinusitus).
Ok, so now that you've dealt with the bugs, house cleaning, acne, the craziness of home, colds and asthma you deserve a soothing bath.

 For a relaxing spa-like bath, mix 1-3 drops of Eucalyptus into a carrier oil such as coconut, almond or jojoba.  Then pour into a hot bath before stepping in. Inhaling the aroma can alleviate respiratory troubles as well and promote relaxation.

Some fun facts;  

- In the 1800's Eucalyptus was used to disinfect England's hospitals. 
- In Australia, Eucalyptus was traditionally used in Aboriginal medicine and Anti-fungal abilities.
- In India, Ayurvedic medicine used this oil to help heal respiratory tract infections and to clean wounds.

Information from "The North American Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Experts

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Britta Singer
DoTerra Wellness Advocate 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Quick N' Easy Diy Jewerly Hanger

 We've lived in our house for almost four years and my mirror, on my side of the room was still sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall....until today.
While cleaning up my room today, I decided that I needed to hang my mirror up so, you know, I could use it.  While thinking along those lines I also thought that I needed to do something about my jewelry hanging by thumb tacks on the wall.  Can you say tacky?  Haha!  Yeah, that's how I roll sometimes.
Well, I got the idea to put some hooks, which I had already, on the bottom of the mirror and hang the mirror so I could use it.  This is how I did, in less than 30 minutes...

 The first thing that I did was measure the bottom of the mirror.  It was 18 in.  and I decided that I needed a lot of hooks, I ended up using 10.  So, I marked every 2 inches so I'd know where to put the hooks.
I didn't use a drill because the wood of the frame
is pine and pretty soft.  If the frame was a harder
wood, like oak or walnut or something like that then a drill might be needed.  As for me, I just started screwing them into the frame at each of my marks.  It may take some effort to get them started but once you get it in there they screw in pretty easily. 
Then, hang it on your wall, hang your jewelry on it and voila!  You did it!  Ah!  Much better than before and now I can "check myself before I wreck myself".  Haha!  But seriously, it's going to be nice to grab a piece of jewelry and when I put it on I can use the mirror to make sure it looks great! 

Hope you liked this little DIY tutorial!  How have you made your life a little easier lately?  
Let me know in the comments below!  Have a great day and thanks for coming over! 


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Summertime! Yea!

I don't know if you can tell from the title of this blog post, but I am SO ready for summer vacation!!!
I home school my two youngest daughters who are in middle school this year and whew!  I need a break!
Even they're starting to get anxious for school to be done.  Of course they are, who isn't?! Just five more weeks! 
Well, I've been busy making doll swim wear and I can not wait to show you exactly what I've been making!
Swim suits, cover ups and beach towels!  Making them in doll sizes has kind of inspired me to make them in girl sizes as well.  Maybe not just yet, but someday!  For now, just doll sizes.
Here are some pictures that I snapped today with my cell phone.....quality may not be the best....

My daughter, Abby and I working on the tutorials now and we should have them ready before the end of the month!  These are SO fun to make!  
What else should we make for our dolls, for the summer?  Comment below and let us know? 
We're also thinking about doing a Youtube sewing class for the summer.  What do you think?  
Would your girls love it?  We would be teaching sewing skills and making doll clothes.  They're the easiest to start with.  Let us know if you'd join in and watch those videos!

Thank you for coming over to my blog today!  I hope you have a great rest of your day!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Doll Sized Quilts

My girls still LOVE their dolls!  Yes.  They're 14 and 11 years old and they love to dress them up and do their hair and role play with them pretending all sorts of stories.  I love it!  I love that no matter what their "middle school world" says, they still love to do that sort of thing together.  It keeps them young and innocent AND when they are playing together they're not fighting.  Seriously!  They're the best of friends when they play together because they share that common interest and it doesn't matter that they're "too old" to play with dolls.  Personally, I think you're never too old to play with dolls.   Anyway, the longer they stay that way the better.  Next year  Elsa's going into high school and I have a feeling that it's all going to change so quickly, so fast.  I don't think I'm ready for it.  Aaah, why does life have to fly by so fast!
Anyway, for now let me just have my little girls as they are. (For at least one more year).
 This is Elsa (14)
 This is Abby (11)
One thing we especially love is making clothes and accessories for their dolls.  It's also a great way to learn how to sew and follow a pattern because the dolls are a lot smaller, so it is not so overwhelming for them while they learn. We use patterns from Liberty Jane and others I find online or I make my own.  I made some cute summer shorts for Abby last summer and thought they would be cute in doll size. 
I will share them with you in another post,but today...

I'm going to share the doll sized quilt that Abby and I made.  It was a fun, quick project.

 So first, you want to start out with 2.5 inch squares.  Then, start laying them out in the pattern that you want for you doll quilt.  Abby's doll "helped" as you can see. 

 Then, once you have your quilt top pieced together, then gather up each row and start to sew them together like the picture below. 
 Then, press the seam allowances to one side.
 Then, lay them out like so...

Then, when you get them all sewn together, sew each row together...
I think she likes it already!
 Then onto putting it all together!  The best thing I've used is basting spray.  It keeps all the layers together until you can bind it and tie it (if you want to tie it).  You don't have to tie it as it is such a small quilt, but if you want that effect then by all means, tie it.  :) 
 So, next you'll lay down the back of the quilt, then the batting, which you may use anything that is fluffy such as cotton batting, a blanket or anything to make it soft and warm.  Then lay down the quilt top.
Then,  pull up and fold over half the batting and quilt top and spray the basting spray on the wrong side of the bottom layer, then carefully lay the half of the batting down on the basted layer, then spray the batting and lay the folded half of quilt top down on the sprayed batting.  Then repeat on the other side.  If you mess up and need to pull part of it apart, no problem, the basting spray in NOT permanent.  It is very forgiving. 
 Make sure you don't make the same mistake as I did here.  Make sure you have enough fabric on the bottom two layers for the binding.  I made it work but it would've been easier with more fabric to work with.
 First, fold and press about a 1/4 inch, then again over the quilt top edge all around.  Then, when you get to the corners fold over the corner first, press, then fold the edges as explained earlier.  It should look like the picture below. 
 This is what it should look like when all layers are basted together except to make it easier to bind make sure to have plenty of fabric all sides.  :)  I trimmed a little too close.  So when you trim make sure you leave enough bottom fabric and batting to bind. About an inch or two. DON'T CUT THE QUILT TOP!
I just machine stitched around the binding since it was only for a doll and my girls would be handling it a lot, but you can hand stitch it around if you want to. 

I think she likes it! 
Do you quilt? Or do you want to learn? 
This doll quilt was quick, easy and fun to make.  I think my girls and I are going to make one for each doll.  Then it's onto full sized quilts.  :)

What do you do with your kids?


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's That Time Of Year Again!

Just a quick note to say...

I'm always excited when it's L.D.S. General Conference time!  Not just because I get to hear from our wonderful Prophet (President of the Church), the Apostles and other leaders, but because I get to make up some fun note taking pages for my kids.  I've done this every year since they were little and they loved it.
I decided to share the one I made this year with all of you!  Yea!  So, click on the link below and print some fun pages for your kiddo's as well!  There are note taking pages for young writers and some for older ones too.  Then there are some fun word search, bingo (choose you own markers), drawing pages and more.  So go print them out and enjoy listening and watching your kids listening and interacting with conference as well.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My 5 Ways To Feel Productive Everyday

Let's face it!  We don't always wake up in the mornings feeling extra chipper and ready to take on the day.  Am I right?  Yes.  I think I am.  Well at least for me it's like that.  First of all, I go to bed kind of late and that does not help my mornings feel bright and cheery.  Not good if you're a mom, right?  Every morning I think, "I really need to go to bed earlier, then when it's finally time to put the kids to bed, I think, "What can I do with this time with NO kids?"  Hence the reason I end up staying up too late.  Vicious cycle and a whole other blog post for another day. 
Today I want to talk about what I do to feel productive on those days when I don't feel like being productive...know what I mean?  Here are some things that I've found to help me feel productive...

1.  Essential oils!
 I just started with the oils at the end of last year, and I LOVE them!!!  How did I ever get along without them!  I just found a great combo too!  Wild Orange and Peppermint!  The orange gives you motivation and energy and the peppermint helps to give you energy and a cooling sensation that just wakes you up and gets you going!  WOW!  What a difference it makes.  I got so much accomplished yesterday when I tried it!  I got my laundry all DONE...including folding and putting away.  (Miracle, right there people).   If you don't have essential oils and would like to try them/find out more about them then click here to contact me.  I am a wellness advocate for DoTerra and would love to help you have them in your home.

2.  Do something simple

What do I mean by that?  Well, when we're especially tired in the morning and do not want to do anything.  If you start out doing something as easy as cleaning out the dishwasher, sweeping under the kitchen table, sorting dirty clothes, or even taking a shower, doing things like this can get that energy started to go onto the the harder jobs.  Taking a shower is probably the best way for me to get going in the mornings and take some essential oils in the shower with (lemon, orange, grapefruit, or peppermint) anything to wake you up.  I tried that as well and it is so nice!  Turns my shower into a spa experience.  Love it!  Then, if I'm still feeling like I don't want to do anything, then I'll sort laundry, fold large articles of "clean" clothing (such as towels, unload the dishwasher, etc.   

3.  Get Moving
Another thing you can do is go for a jog or walk around the neighbor, or go to the gym.  If you have young kids, invest in a good stroller or have them ride their bikes with you.  They'll love getting out and a little sunshine is always good too.  I know I always feel better after a jog or walk.  I know it can be hard to get out there but I promise you it is totally worth it EVERY TIME!

4.  Drink Water
Drinking water has been proven to produce energy and relieve fatigue.  Studies show that by drinking an 8oz. glass of water every morning before eating helps your organs to function better.  It also helps to flush out toxins in the body.  Put in a couple drops of lemon essential oil (or any citrus oil) and make your water drinking experience that much better.  It makes the water taste fresher and yummier!  (Is that a word?)  Oh well. (The oil also helps to rid the body of toxins.)
Drinking water has so many benefits!  I think I'll save that discussion for another blog post. 

5.    Put on the Jams
Last and certainly not and least, put some music on.  Something that can get you moving.  Whether it's pop, metal, country, classical or even a podcast.  Whatever your music taste is, it can help you get your day going.       

I hope these suggestions help you feel more productive today and everyday.  What do you do to feel more productive?  I'd love to know!  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
Have a great day!    


Friday, March 17, 2017

Essential Oils and How to Use Them Part 1

Ok, so you listened to a great presentation on essential oils and loved everything you heard about them.  You bought some and just received them in the mail.  Now what?  Well, if you're anything like me your mind totally went blank and you can't remember which oil did what.  Right?  Well, maybe you remember what one or two can help with but what about the rest?  I'm hoping to answer those questions for you in this post and in future posts because, frankly, that would make this post super long and "ain't nobody got time for that", Am I right?! 
Today, I want to talk about three oils that I've been researching this week.  So, cool the things I found out about them. 

The first one is Grapefruit!  I love grapefruit in fruit form, the smell, taste (with some sugar), mmm sooo good!  Now, I love it as an oil as well!  There are SO many benefits from using this oil everyday!  First of all grapefruit is referred to as the "forbidden fruit" and one of the "seven wonders of Barbados".  It was first documented in 1750 by Welshman Rev. Griffith Hughes. 
The name grapefruit is attributed to the fruits growing in clusters which resembles those of grapes. 
Known for its energizing and invigorating aroma it helps uplift the mood and provides a clarifying effect on the mind.  It is also renowned for its cleansing and purifying properties  and used frequently in skin care for its ability to promote the appearance for clear healthy looking skin.  Who knew?  Also supports a healthy metabolism. 
Primary benefits:  Improves the appearance of blemishes, supports healthy metabolism, uplifts the mood
Uses and directions:  Add to nightly facial routine to improve the appearance of blemishes. Avoiding exposure to sunlight for at least 12 hours. 
Diffuse 3-4 drops in diffuser while dieting or trying to lose weight to increase motivation. 
Add 1 to 2 drops to water to support healthy metabolism.
Apply 1-2 drops to desired area.  Dilute with fractionated coconut oil to minimize skin irritation.
For more info. go here!

Clary Sage
Next oil is Clary Sage!  It has been used since the middle ages to help rejuvenate and calm the skin.
The main chemical component of Clary Sage is linalyl acetate, part of the esters group, making it one of the most relaxing, soothing, and balancing essential oils. Also inhaling clary sage helps to bring feelings of relaxation to promote a restful nights sleep. Also, If you think that your gums are weakening their hold on your teeth, then sooner or later, they will start falling out.  Speak to a dental professional first, but it is never a bad idea to use Clary Sage oil because it has astringent properties. It does not only strengthen your gums, but also strengthens and tones the skin, muscles and hair follicles, preventing hair loss and making you look and feel younger. It functions as an antioxidant in this way by tightening up the skin that might be sagging due to the activity of free radicals present in the body.
Hypotensive: Hypotensive is the antonym of Hypertensive. Clary Sage oil is very effective in reducing blood pressure by relaxing the veins and arteries, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis, and brain hemorrhaging. By reducing blood pressure, it also widens the blood vessels and allows for increased circulation, resulting in increased oxygenation to the muscles and organ systems, boosting their performance and your overall metabolic performance. 
There is a lot more information to list.  If you're interested in reading more about clary sage go here
It helps with antidepressant, uterine, digestive, deodorant, stomach, and other issues.  
I was so impressed with all that Clary Sage helped with. 
There are just so many uses for Clary Sage. 
       1.   During the menstrual cycle, apply 3-5 drops to the abdomen area for a soothing massage.                       2.   Combine with roman chamomile and add to bath for a stress relieving bath.
       3.   Diffuse 3-4 drops in diffuser or apply to pillow at night for a restful nights sleep. 
       4.   Add 1 drop to shampoo or conditioner for healthy hair and scalp. 
       5.  Combine with fractionated coconut oil to massage, soothe and rejuvenate skin. 
       6.  Also, for internal use, add 1 drop to 4 fl.oz. of liquid 
Love love love this one!
For more info. go here!

Juniper Berry
 Derived from the coniferous tree, Juniper Berry essential oil has a rich history of traditional uses and benefits. Juniper Berry acts as a natural cleansing and detoxifying agent, and supports healthy kidney and urinary tract function.  Juniper Berry acts as a natural skin toner and reduces the appearance of skin blemishes. Its woody, spicy, yet fresh aroma has a calming, grounding effect. When diffused, Juniper Berry helps cleanse and purify the air.  
I think this is one that I'm going to have my daughter use with her facial cleanser.  She recently had a scan done to see what oils her body is lacking and juniper berry was one of them.  This will help her confidence both with her selective mutism (go here for her story) and will keep her skin looking clear! 
           1.  Add one to two drops to water or citrus drinks as part of a natural cleansing regimen.
           2.  Apply one drop to promote a clear, healthy complexion.                                                
           3.  Diffuse with citrus oils to freshen and purify the air and lessen stress.
For more info. go here!
What is your favorite oil?  How do you use it?  I'd love to know!  Have a wonderful day and thanks for dropping by!