Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Essential Oils...and Why I Choose to Use Them

About 4 years ago, my cousins and I had a "cousins reunion".  We all met in St. George Utah where we visited, did activities, and just had fun together for a couple of days.  One night we all had our turn at showing each other what we were doing for businesses.  My sister and I had just started a Shelf Reliance (now Thrive) business, another cousin did Mary Kay, and another two cousins were into DoTerra essential oils.  As they shared their stories of how and why they started using the oils, I thought this was something I needed to do as well.  They would benefit me and my family so much.  It took me four years, (they are expensive) to finally go ahead and purchase them and now that I have I am a firm believer that they work and are totally worth every cent. (And you know, I don't want to think about all the money I spent before doTerra trying to heal my hands and also the pain I went through that I didn't have to if I had started with them in the first place...oh well, you live and learn, right?)  Here are a few ways, so far, how they work for me...

Skin Issues....
When my 14 year old daughter was born, I developed eczema.  It started on my hands between my fingers, then got worse fast.  Pretty soon after, I could not even open my hands or the skin would crack and tear worse than it was and with two toddlers and a newborn it was made it seem worse.  I, then, started getting a rash, like hives, all over my body starting on my head and traveled down to my toes as one part healed.  After going to the dermatologist with three kids under 3 in tow and paying hefty copays and listening to the doctor tell me he couldn't do anything because I was breastfeeding.....well we did try a steroid where I did stop breastfeeding for 2 weeks until the steroid treatment was done.  The steroids seemed to get it under control but it was still bad. I had had ENOUGH!  I found out about Melaleuca Inc. and tried they're Renew lotion.  It worked like a dream!  With the occasional cuts on my fingertips and small cracks, it was manageable and I was happy....for a while.  
A few years later my cousins told me about DoTerra and their melaleuca oil.  I wondered what the difference was between DoTerra's melaleuca oil and Melaluleuca's melaleuca oil and they told me about co-impact sourcing.  Melaleuca is originally grown in Australia and when it is transplanted anywhere else it loses some of its healing properties.  While Melaleuca Inc.'s melaleuca was working it wasn't working the best that it could be.  I finally put DoTerra to the test about 4 year later when I had another big break out of eczema.  I, first, went to the dermatologist again, paid hefty copays again, tried medicines that worked for awhile again, (some people have to learn the hard way).  Then I tried Doterra's melaleuca.  Guys!  Let me just say I am sticking with DoTerra forever!  It has worked....WORKED!  I mean it has healed my hands, I can out stretch my hands, there are NO cuts or tears on my finger tips or hands.  There IS a difference between DoTerra and Melaleuca Inc's melaleuca and I love it!  
Note: I still have eczema and will forever because it's in my DNA, but DoTerra makes it SO much better and I love that I'm not putting chemicals in my body.

Anxiety and Other Teen Drama...

 Now I say teen drama because I don't know what else to call it.  My daughter is such a drama queen at times.  (She's 14).  She also has an anxiety disorder called Selective Mutism.  She was diagnosed with it in kindergarten. No one really knew much about it because it was fairly new, but what they did know is that it was anxiety induced.  It's where the child can speak to a selective group of people and in my daughters case she only speaks to her immediate family.  Just a few months ago, she got a scan done on her hand.  This is a mouse that plugs into the computer and the person lays their hand over the mouse and the computer scans the hand and tells what essential oils that person is missing.  My daughter was told by this scanner that she needed four oils, Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Marjoram and Cinnamon.  After we got those oils she put them on her feet every night and every morning.  After about a week we began to see a small change in her behavior.  She was less likely to whine and cry and be so dramatic.  
Like any good habit she started to forget to put her oils on.  She just needs to be more consistent with them and we're trying to be, but they were helping her when she was in the habit of doing them every day. I can't wait to see how they help her with her anxiety.  We're trying something new to challenge her to speak to her friends and teachers.  What we're doing is when someone asks her a question they will count to ten, in their heads, slowly, and wait for her to answer.  She told me that she would really try to take those few seconds to answer in a whisper than gradually work up to her normal voice.  I'll keep you informed with how she does.  I believe also that as she applies the oils everyday they will help with her anxiety and it will make it easier for her to speak.

Healthy Bodies and minds...   
We all go through phases of wanting to eat right and get our vitamins and nutrients don't we?  Then there's those times when we eat that pizza, fried chicken or bag of Doritos.  What can I say we love junk food every now and then.  
I started taking DoTerra's vitamins because I heard they were good and they really helped people in many different ways.  I wanted more energy and more brain function (I forget a lot of stuff...I'm getting old people).  So I tried their vitamins.  I feel so much healthier in my brain.  I remember things better and I have more energy although there are times when I do feel tired, but I think that's because I stayed up way too late.  Ha ha!  Also I truly believe that my eczema is better because of the vitamins as well.  When the gut is healthy the rest of the body is too.
My girls just started taking the childrens vitamins and a probiotic as well and I can't wait to see how they help them.  Also, have a diffuser (which I LOVE) and I'm always diffusing oils to help motivate, balance moods, relax etc.  I love it and I don't know how I ever got along without it!

Well, I just started with the oils and I love them so far!  I love what DoTerra is doing for people all over the world.  Helping them in more ways than just there bodies.  If you'd like to find out more about DoTerra Essential Oils you can go to my website, yep I became a Wellness Advocate to help others change their lives for the better.   www.mydoterra.com/brittasbounty  Here is my website, so go check it out.

If you have been using the oils for sometime, will you please share your story of why you started using them and what oils you can NOT live without?  
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog!  I hope you learned something new today!   

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