Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It's August!...Where'd July go?!

Seriously, did July go by as fast for you as it did for me?!  I can't believe school is starting for us in 2 weeks.  Yes, this year starts the new, early schedule.  We start August 14 instead of on the 29th.  Part of me thinks this is great because the kids are just sitting around the house.  Yet another part says, "Ahhh! Already!" Well, at least we get out earlier for summer next year.  Well, I guess all we can do is enjoy what we have left of the summer. 
I was looking on Pinterest yesterday, you know, just browsing, when I found a website that had an awesome way to get back on track with my journal writing.  Lately, I've been really thinking about starting my journal again.  I wasn't the best journal writer when I was a kid or teen.  I did it but I didn't really understand why people write in journals.  I wrote lame and hilariously embarrassing things.  When I got to college I was better at it, but didn't do it as often as I should've.  When I served a mission for my church (L.D.S.) I was really good at writing just about everyday.  I wanted to keep writing after I got home and I did really well until I started my job and dating my soon to be husband, then I married that guy and started a family and, well, my life got pretty busy fast.  I continued to write in my journal off and on until blogs became a thing and started our family blog and wrote blog posts every week.  It was fun to write what we did as a family, what crazy things the kids were saying or doing, etc. etc.  I kept that blog for eight years!  Then Instagram came along and suddenly it was easier to just post your photos/videos from my phone, put a little caption and BOOM!  It's posted!  Well, I decided that I'm going to get back into writing in my journal so my posterity can read all about my life and see what kind of fun I had, mistakes I made, how I fixed my mistakes, and everything else about me.  I'm going to be writing on both our family blog and in my private journal (there's just some things that shouldn't be posted on the world wide web, ha ha!).  So, if you're interested in reading what our family is up to just go here!  You can also scroll back a few years and see what crazy things my kids did.  It's pretty entertaining!  Anyway, back to Pinterest.  I saw this website that had journal prompts for the month of August.  I thought I'd do it and invite anyone else to do it as well.  The first day, which was yesterday, was "Write a goal for August"  My goal is going to write in my journal everyday.  Either on my blog or in my private journal.  If you haven't already, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook and I'll be checking in everyday to tell you what the next days prompt will be.  I'm excited about this little challenge for myself.  Hope you join me!
Thanks for coming to my blog and I hope you have a great rest of your day! 


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